Wed.23.11.16. Policing the Spectrum – Manuel De Landa

T1005 iLab, ground floor South Building
De Landa, M., 1991. Policing the Spectrum. In: N.Spiller, ed. 2002. Cyber Reader. London: Phaidon Press [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 20 November 2016].

Beyond war games any situation involving a crisis at a national scale
(commodity shortages, transportation strikes, and of course, war
mobilization) needed the establishment of consensus by a vast number of
people distributed across the continent. The scientists who developed the
use of computers for such crisis-management operations, people like
Murray Turoff, later moved on to investigate new ways of extending these
ideas into the field of collective intelligence. Thus, research originally
intended to increase the amount of control over people (in a crisis)
became a tool for bringing control back to people.


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